The Many Pleasures Of Working At Home

He gets up in the morning with the sun. When a certain amount of light fills the bedroom, he wakes. From old habit, he sets the alarm clock for six AM, but he usually ignores it when it goes off. In any event, it does not really matter. His workday begins whenever he decides to begin it.

Before anything else can happen, there must be strong coffee. He likes his lattes with an extra shot and lots of foam. But instead of standing in line at the local cafe, as he used to do, he is the only customer at the espresso machine in his kitchen. Instead of glancing impatiently at the numerous customers ahead of him, he yawns and stretches as he switches the machine on.

The delightful aroma of rich coffee fills the kitchen, and leaving the espresso machine to gurgle quietly, he retrieves the morning papers from the front step. The Times and the Journal are his main sources of news, both world and financial. As he heads back inside to finish making his latte, his office assistant, Miss Kitty, greets him. He stoops to pet the plump little Manx, who occasionally doubles as a paperweight while he is working.

The commute from his kitchen to his office takes all of 10 seconds, and a few seconds later he is online checking his business email account. He sees that there is a message from his broker regarding the latest top forex indicator that they are alerting their top clients to. He decides to wait till later to read the details, as right now he needs to check the overnight activity in his trading account.

There follow a few quiet hours of work, with short breaks to make another latte for himself and to get Miss Kitty her breakfast. His latest investment strategies have paid off handsomely, it seems. In addition, it is a sunny Friday, and life is good. Around noon he stops for some exercise on his treadmill, catching up with news on the television while he runs. A light sushi lunch, delivered from the market yesterday, follows his workout, and then it is back to the office.

A few hours later he hears the mail being deposited in the box outside the front door and goes to check. He is pleased to see that a book he ordered recently has arrived, on how to evaluate the best forex indicator. He will look at it later, and possibly implement his findings when the market opens Monday morning.

After a good day’s worth of work, it is time to relax a bit. He takes a cup of tea out on the patio and notices that the rose bushes could use some pruning and other care. Thinking about the weekend ahead, he remembers that he is planning to assemble the new computer workstation furniture that he bought and had delivered recently. Now he will have a much larger work space, with more room for reports, correspondence, books, and, most importantly, Miss Kitty.