The Best Two Area Rugs For Muddy Season, And One To Not Purchase

With spring about upon us, it’s time to prep your home for that special time of the year known as mud season. With snows liquefying in the warm spring sun and wet, springtime snowstorms making frequent appearances, the ground tends to get quite soupy, sloppy and muddy. What this suggests for your house can be one of two things – wet, muddy footprints all over your home, or wet muddy footprints on your area rugs. Which one sounds better to you? I bet it’s the area rugs! So here then are the top two area rugs for mud season, and the one you must avoid!

Brown Area Rugs: we’re not talking about solid brown area rugs here, rather ones that include numerous shades of brown in their design. Rugs that are in the exact same colour family as dust and mud tend to hide the dirt better, since it is not likely that you’ll be vacuuming them each time somebody comes in your home. And an extra bonus is if they get stained by muddy feet, the stains aren’t as noticeable because they match the rug.

Green Area Rugs: Green rugs with a significant quantity of other natural tones in the overall design are also excellent for mud season, for lots of the same reasons as shown. They are also excellent for hiding grass stains, which makes them ideal not only for mud season but for spring and summer as well , when wet grass clippings start to make an appearance in your home! Avoid bright lime green rugs.

Black Area Rugs: A solid black area rug is the one shade that you need to avoid at all cost during mud season. While black looks great blended with the colors above, when it is solid it shows every tiny mud particle and stain. Which is not a nice thing when mud is being tracked into your home! So keep the black area rugs to other areas of your home where muddy feet don’t usually go, like bedrooms.  Find one at

By following these simple little tips, you’ll be able to find an area rug that is just the right color for your house this mud season!




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