The Best Florida Theme Park

There seem to be a lot of theme parks out in Orlando, Florida to choose from and deciding which one to go too if you are short on time can actually be a very tough decision to make indeed. If you are staying in the Orlando area then you need to make sure you choose the right park.
If you are taking younger kids away with you then the decision on where to go should be a very easy one indeed because this is what the Magic Kingdom in Disney World was made for!. The great thing about this park is that they have rides for everyone within the family to enjoy which is great for the young kids. You do not want to waste your money on tickets if your children cannot go on anything which is why the Kingdom is the best choice for this situation.

Any of the other parks in the resport are suitable if your kids are a little bit older so make sure you realise this. Just so you are aware these include Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood
Studios and of course the Animal Kingdom.
Universal Studios, SeaWorld or of course Busch Gardens are usually the parks that actually appeal the older audiences but this does not mean that Disney would not appeal to you, Disney is a place that really does appeal to everyone. These are better for the adults because the rides are more orientated for them. They have more rollercoaster’s, more hardcore rides and more places to drink out at
night. I would not cross ofd Downtown Disney from your list, it has a great nightclub!

So there you have it, if you are in Orlando for a day it really depends on how old you are on what kind of park you go too.


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