Summer Cruising Holiday Is Better Than Winter Cruising Holiday

MSC Fantasia Cruise Ship

Many people go on luxury cruises trip with friends and family. Many have a question in their mind, which is when is the best time to go on a cruise. It does depend on which cruiseline you choose to travel in. If you want to goto the Bahamas then definitely summer time and if you are looking to go to South Africa then most recommend winter time as it would be summer in South Africa (for people from Europe and USA).


The biggest reason why most recommend summer is because of the weather of course. For people from the UK the big reason is certainly the sun as UK is famous for being cloudy and rainy. So people are looking to go to a place where they can enjoy sunshine along with drinking rum in the beach. You don’t have to go out to enjoy the sun, you will be able to enjoy some sun in the cruise itself while you are travelling. You will be able to see some beautiful scenes while cruising such as sunset and sunrise and I am sure a lot of people out there would agree with me on this.


There are cruise lines like MSC cruises, Royal Caribbean cruises, Cunard cruises and Voyages of discovery are the best once to find a summer cruises to the Caribbean. Though it does depend on the journey of the cruise you select. When it comes to cruising or any holiday many have different choices. Some like winter cruise and some like summer cruise. This post is just an idea to give you an idea why more people enjoy summer cruises rather than winter cruises. Warm weather along with some sunshine does play a big part on people choosing summer time for their holiday or cruising?