New Issues Require Innovative Solutions – Smartphone Monitoring Software

New Problems Require New Solutions – Smartphone Monitoring Software

Distracted Driving, Sexting, Bullying – new issues demand new techniques for dealing with them.  Anyone that wants to keep up with how children, employees or lover are using their smartphones  should know about available mobile tracking software that is becoming very common and can do much more than track the location of smartphones.  Innovative technologies are prompting a vigorous discussion in relation to the need to balance privacy and protection.  

New spy phone software applications that record and store sent and received SMS text messages, trace cell phone GPS location, cell phone call log information and transmit it to an on-line personal account.

If that seems outrageous, think about the fact that you can turn the cell phone into a remote listening device by sending messages to remotely control its microphone, turn it on, and monitor the cell phone surroundings.  Think that is outrageous or mind-boggling think about the fact that you can also Intercept Calls and secretly tap into mobile phone calls and monitor conversations.

Spyphone software is often sold to catch cheating spouses, but other legitimate uses include Parental Control supervision how teens are using their, smartphones – such as the troubling sexting pandemic – and for employee monitoring for productivity,  industry regulatory compliance and data retention, among a wide variety of other uses.

Smartphones are the mobile phones with computer capabilities.  Brands such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Nokia Symbian – all have spyphone software for sale.  Spy Call and Call Intercept cell phone tapping|mobile phone bugging] require GSM networks. About 3 million smartphones a month are sold in North America, and sales are approaching one hundred and fifty million sold per year worldwide.

Recent reports published by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy indicates that over 20% of teens (ages 13-19) and an incredible 33% of young adults (ages 20-26) have shared nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves either over mobile phone SMS text messages or by posting online. Teen girls are slightly more likely to do this than boys and a very disturbing 11% of the young teen girls (ages 13-16) admitted to sending suggestive photos of themselves.

According to a study from marketing research firm The Nielsen Company ( American young people send an unbelievable average of ten SMS  text messages every hour that they are not in school or sleeping – and most likely a lot during school too.   Focus group findings show that sending provocative images occurs most often during one of three typical scenarios:  The first, involves exchanges of images solely between two romantic partners; the next, lists exchanges between partners that are then shared with other people; followed by, exchanges between people who are not yet in a relationship, but where often one [party hopes to be].

An extremely interesting software program that benefits parents and employers monitor smartphones and archive their mobile communications data including GPS location, SMS text messages, MMS messages and phone activity logs is MobileBeagle.  Visit this website if you would like to read more about reliable small business Mobile Monitoring Software  for  BlackBerry  and  Android  Smartphones .    Follow this link if you are interested in  Cell Phone Monitoring Software  compatible with BlackBerry  and  Android  Smartphones, used for Parental Monitoring .   A practical technological solution available for parents and guardians to discover what their teens are what’s going on with their cellphones  is mobile monitoring technology.  An excellent source of information on spyphone software for Parental Control is