Luxury Namibia

Things have come a long way in Namibia! At one time it was really difficult to find somewhere luxurious to stay in Namibia but the more (or very) discerning traveller can now choose from some stunning places to stay.
luxury Namibia Namibia is excellent because the traveller has choice of a safari: perhaps self-driving or flying from one remote, beautiful place to another, whilst camping or staying at comfortable homely lodges; then there’s the other end of the spectrum: luxurious, breathtaking lodges with superb scenery. With three Namibia specialists who were born or worked extensively in the country African Explorations are leaders in creating superb holidays to this gorgeous country.

Let’s look at “Luxury Namibia”! Namibia is huge, with a tiny population, and we’ll focus on one property as example.

Far out in the wilds of the northwest, Okahirongo Lodge in Kaokoland is very remote. Namibia safari holidays The majority of inhabitants in this area are Himba. Leading a peaceful nomadic existence raising goats and sheep, the women are statuesque and paint themselves in red ochre mud mixed with fat. One is encouraged to visit the scattered Himba settlements where these people are very traditional in both lifestyle and garb.

This superb lodge lies in the most beautiful surroundings with fabulous views; dry river beds meander through swaying grasslands and red-gold sand dunes with a backdrop of purple and blue hillsides. Okahirongo is located in Purros Conservancy; a malaria-free region and one of the very few where the harsh environment supports desert dwelling elephant, rhino and occasional lion. One should treasure – not expect! – sightings of the desert-adapted wildlife in the area which is just one reason to visit.

Okahirongo perches on the side of a mountain and dominates an immense, almost endless, view of plains and dunes all of which can be admired from any of the eight luxury rooms. The ensuite rooms have indoor and outdoor showers and are surrounded by a traditional Himba boma. One can make use of the private sala in each room; a perfect place to sleep out under the stars with the moon also shining through the pole lattice above or in which to take an afternoon siesta. holidays to NamibiaA chorus of the desert plains birds such as larks and pipits are one’s alarm call in the morning whilst the wake up calls of baboon, as they set about preparing to forage in the mountains, can be heard far off.
The terracotta hues of the rooms contrast beautifully with the gorgeous blonde grasses which sway in the desert breeze. Okahirongo also features an infinity swimming pool.

The superb wilderness of the area is untouched and can be explored on game and nature drives where one may track elephant and rhino which are desert-adapted; the odd (and rare) desert lion may also be seen as well as other wildlife and wonderful flora. Or one might hike along the Uarosib River, setting out on foot to explore the surrounding mountains whilst perhaps visiting a Himba village. A sophisticated desert experience as well as a photographer’s delight, Okahirongo is, put simply, superb.

It is now quite possible to assemble an interesting, intelligent and beautiful safari where no comfort is compromised as Namibia also has number of other simply lovely and luxurious lodges in Etosha, the Namib Desert and the Caprivi Strip!