Indian Head Penny Value

At some point in our childhood, most of us have had a curiosity about coins or have perhaps even collected them as a hobby. There’s a particular joy that comes from looking by rolls and rolls of cash, looking for that uncommon hidden treasure, regardless that our odds of discovering something special may not be that great. Many of us put this pastime behind us as we become old but others carry it on throughout their whole grownup lives.

Coin collecting has some terrific advantages. It is a good way to relieve anxiousness and to have some fun. If your life or your job is hectic, coin amassing can put you in one other world, one set aside from the daily grind we all stay in. This world holds the secrets of the previous and teaches us our history in a really unique way.

It can nonetheless be an expensive pastime for individuals who deal in gold coins and even silver dollars. Much less experienced individuals ought to probably begin off with coins which can be more forgiving in relation to making mistakes. Consider the Indian Head penny, which is in style with a variety of collectors. The Indian Head penny was minted from 1859 by means of 1909 so all the pennies on this sequence are over one hundred years old. From 1859 until 1907, Indian Head pennies had been only made at the Philadelphia Mint. During the last [two] years of manufacturing, 1908 and 1909, they have been made at both the Philadelphia Mint and the San Francisco Mint.

Many people can admire the obverse design, which is a profile of Girl Liberty in full headdress. For those unfamiliar with coins, the “obverse” is the entrance of a coin with the “reverse” being the back. [Two] totally different reverse designs have been used for the Indian Head penny series. “One Cent” inside a wreath of laurel was utilized in 1859. Beginning in 1860, and till the collection ended, “One Cent” appeared inside a wreath of oak and olive tied on the base with a Federal defend on top. A closer take a look at these coins reveals an interesting history. Through the Civil Conflict, some sorts of metals had been in short supply. Although Indian Head cents have been generally utilized in day by day transactions, individuals started hoarding them because of their copper-nickel composition. This pretty much brought about the inventory of Indian Head pennies to vanish from the marketplace.

To compensate, retailers began issuing their own bronze tokens to interchange them. The government stepped in and banned this private currency and in turn started issuing the Indian Head cent in bronze. Nickel was never used once more in pennies as soon as the federal government modified over to bronze in 1864. Copper was not returned to the composition of the Indian Head cent until after the steel penny days of World Struggle II. The Indian Head cent series has a few real rarities that collectors value above others, the 1864-L and the 1877 coins. These are the specimens which might be the hardest to locate.

The 1864-L coin is unique as a result of the coin has the designer’s last preliminary “L” added to the bonnet ribbon of the Indian headdress. The designer’s title was James B. Longacre. This alteration was made late in 1864, which is the same time the composition of the coin was switched to bronze. Only a limited quantity of the 1864-L was minted. The 1877 model of the Indian Head cent is so valued by collectors due to its low mintage quantity, solely 852,500 had been made. It is the second lowest amount of Indian Head cents, with solely the 1909-S version being decrease at 309,000. The 1877 rendition of this cent is of a better value than the 1909-S as a result of less of them are nonetheless in existence today.

The values of these pennies vary today. The present approximate worth of an 1877 with a grade of “Very Good” is value over $400. A 1909-S in the same condition is value over $200. Other years inside this series vary from $1 to over $50. All Indian Head pennies are worth a minimum of $1 so long as you possibly can see the fundamental define as well as the date. One can be taught some fascinating details about history as a coin collector. Every coin series affords both details and fiction just waiting to be explored. There may be also a burgeoning coin collector neighborhood with whom you possibly can share your thoughts and experiences. Several weekly and month-to-month publications exist as resources for immediately’s coin collectors. There is also a myriad of internet sites and user forums on the Internet.

Young and outdated, wealthy and poor can benefit from the expertise of being both a coin collector for the first time or one who has decided to return again to it like an previous friend. All it takes is a few additional time and a want to encounter new things about the old coins which might be a part of our nationwide heritage and, in the event you occur upon simply the fitting coin, it can be profitable.

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