How To Tell Your Family That You Are Pregnant

If you have just found out that you are pregnant and then there are likely to be a lot of things rushing through your head. Depending on the situation, one of your main concerns will be in letting your family know about the situation. During any pregnancy first it is a good idea to get your head around it before you tell anyone else. However, once you get to this stage, there are a few things you could consider doing.

Of course, many people might want to keep their family in the dark. Certainly the way you tell your family will depend upon the situation and therefore you might want to take some time to yourself before you actually tell anyone else. However, you need to remember that as the pregnant months begin to go by you will begin to show and therefore they will certainly find out naturally regardless of whether you want to tell them.

When pregnant you also need to consider how they are likely to react and this will make the basis of how you will tell them. If it is such a situation as described above, whereby you are not particularly keen on telling them, then it is far more likely that this is an unplanned baby and that they will not be best pleased. However, if it is planned then there are only likely to be extremely happy for you.

Of course the way in which they are going to be reacting will affect hugely how you will tell them. Any expectant mother who believes that a reaction of their family and friends will be quite bad will certainly want to take a little bit longer to think about their options before they go ahead and tell them. However, if it is planned then you may not be able to hold the information in and will instead want to tell them immediately.

Of course, you might also simply want to go a more indirect route. If the baby is not necessarily planned but it is still a welcome gift then you might let people coax it out of your little bit. This might be done by saying no to a drink at a party and letting people guess exactly what the situation is, for example.

Of course, another aspect will be how closely everyone lives together. If the option of actually meeting face-to-face is not a viable one then simply calling people up individually over the phone or delivering a group e-mail might be the best idea. If you do this, start with those closest to you and then work your way down the list.

These are some very brief thoughts on telling your family and close friends about your pregnancy.