How To Find A Great Childrens Entertainer


What Should You Look for When Booking a Children’s Entertainer?

For a hassle free party an entertainer can be just the job.. However if you haven’t used one before or don’t have someone on a recommendation it can be difficult to know where to start and what questions you should be asking. The large volume of entertainment website can make your search quite daunting.

Your entertainer should be someone who you find easy to communicate with at the time of the booking and who is happy to work around your ideas and budget. There are many websites offering great children’s entertainers so have a look through a few before making any decisions. Try and read all of the information provided on the website to save you time when you start making calls.. You should have all your questions answered if you find a good wesbite, eg the costs, the type of entertainer, how long they have been running for and their main aims..

I would always recommend using a company that clearly states it’s pricing structure on the website.. Although accidents are rare at parties booking an entertainer that is covered with Public Liability Insurance should put your mind at ease.

There is also the question about if the entertainer should have a CRB check. The majority of people that work with children usually have a CRB every 3 years.However a CRB is not a legal requirement for people that are not left in sole charge of the children.For peace of mind its a good idea to make sure a few parents are present during the entertainers slot. Some companies such as Whizz Bang Pop employ an all female team with all of their entertainers being CRB checked. They offer a full range of packages and outline all pricing on their website.

When researching on the numerous websites it is a good idea to read through the testimonials and make sure the testimonials are current and up to date.

Once you have narrowed your search down the recommendation is to contact no more than 3 companies. You may want to speak to someone in person to give you a feel for the company or you can email them. However you choose to get in touch you should expect them to have made contact with you wihthin 24 – 48 hours.. If a company gets back to you promptly you know you won’t have trouble contacting them in the future.

Once you have selected your entertainer make sure you receive a written confirmation of your booking and a receipt for any payments made. Most good companies will expect payment prior to the event so have your card handy when confirming your booking.

lastly ensure you speak to your entertainer a day or so before your event to go over the running order of activities, directions to the venue and other last minute changes. You can then smooth over all of the details and ensure a stress free and fun filled day for you and your family!