Hemorrhoid Remedy Pointers

Hemorrhoids is a disease that has an unwanted social impact. It causes great distress and embarrassment which leads to frustration and depression. A hemorrhoid remedy is now easy to find through the internet. It can provide a lot of references ranging from information on the disease, directories of clinics and doctors specializing in hemorrhoid treatment to alternative treatments.

Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed blood vessels of the rectal and anal area. They are complications to conditions such as chronic constipation or diarrhea which causes excessive straining. Other causes are pregnancy, anal intercourse and aging. Hemorrhoids may be internal, where the blood vessels are inside the rectal vault and external, where inflamed blood vessels are outside the anus.

The most usual signs of hemorrhoids is the presence of blood when you defecate, you can usually see it when you wipe with a tissue or directly streaked on stool. This is due to rupture of small blood vessels on defecation. Another sign is itching or burning sensation around the anus. This can cause distress and embarrassment especially when in a public place or gatherings. The itching is caused by irritation of the tissues due to fecal materials that were left behind, especially with external hemorrhoids. Sometimes a hard mass that is painful can be felt around the anal area. This is a sign of thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Medical cure for hemorrhoids initially starts with relief of symptoms. Hot sitz bath, where the person sits on a basin with warm water is recommended. Hemorrhoid creams or suppositories are also available. Increasing fluid intake as well as food rich in fiber is also recommended to keep the stool soft and prevent recurrence. Sometimes stool softeners and fiber supplements are also given.

Some cases cannot be cured with just these measures and need procedures to remove the hemorrhoids. These are usually severe cases that have been neglected for a long time. Some of these medical procedures are rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, light coagulation and hemorrhoidectomy. These are procedures that directly remove the hemorrhoid.

In order to avoid the recurrence, the main cause of hemorrhoids is treated. Stool softeners are given for constipation and antimotility drugs for diarrhea. Both diseases are recommended to increase fiber intake as well as fluids except alcohol. These last recommendations are also applicable for the elderly and pregnant women unless there are medical contraindications.

There are also other alternative treatments for hemorrhoids, thanks to alternative and traditional medicine. There are different healing depending on the kind of traditional healing. Some cures include herbal medicine and potions, others are treated with acupuncture or acupressure, and some are treated with food and lifestyle modification. These can also be effective if surgery is out of the question for you.

Some internet sites can be valuable. You can find information on health facilities for medical and alternative treatment of hemorrhoids as well as directories of alternative healers and doctors. There are also downloadable e-books that range from self help books on how to live with hemorrhoids to hemorrhoid remedy techniques that can eliminate them for good.