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Buying and evaluating antiques has become a awfully well-liked hobby. Understanding and identifying what you’ve found may be the the very most difficult component of this process. If you have a silver coffee or tea set, you’ll be inquisitive about learning what the marks on the set can tell you about its quality or the place where it was made. There are some quick things to search for that will offer you an plan of what reasonably set you have. 

Look for numbers on the sterling silver coffee and tea set. If it’s marked .925, it’s doubtless newer sterling silver. The .950 mark identifies older plus slightly better-quality sterling silver, whereas .835 is the common European silver. The number indicates the percentage of silver. As an example, .950 would mean that the set is ninety-five% silver, and .835 would mean which it looks 83.5% silver.  Check for marks which indicate the origin of the silver. Several regions have specific marks that can be troublesome to detect or read. The “T” marking is a sign of an item from the 1970s or newer from Mexico. Most different countries are identified by the whole name of the country stamped on the piece. A “SIAM” mark will mean sterling silver from Thailand, whereas “PLATA” is an older Mexican silver. 
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Flip over a piece from the set plus see if there is a name, then a back slash and a word “STERLING.” If so, then you’ve identified the maker of the set and the sort of silver used. Alternative sets may solely have the maker or the maker and the year, with no indication as to whether or not it’s real silver. If this is the case, then your set is maybe not silver. Visit an antiques dealer or different professional if you are still uncertain regarding the marks on your coffee or tea set. Some makers were producing sets prior to there have been techniques to properly inscribe them. the pieces will generally have strange marks that are made up of only some letters or numbers. More than likely, these sets may need to be assessed by an expert.