Collecting Nursing Pins – A Collector’s Guide

Nursing pins are  growing into a hot collectors item today, and I’d like to  share some information about their background and beginnings. Most nuring pins are  connected to a unique nursing institution as they are traditionally presented to new nurses on  finishing.  Even today most fresh nurses get a nursing pin from their institution  when they finish their studies, so there is a constant supply of new pins  on the market.

Due to their meaning to each  individual nurse, nursing pins have become a very fashionable thing. You can get pins  from nursing institutions dating back to the nineteenth century if you  look hard enough, and they can sometimes bring prices in the 1000s of  dollars.  More standard, however, are pins from  throughout the 20th century, and if you begin to get serious about collecting them, youll  see that there are easily thousands of varieties in the  colleges and sorts of nursing pins.

As nursing  schools started becoming more common around the  end of the century, the number of nursing pins being created  grw rapidly.  With more than 1000 nursing  institutions training new nurses today, and many more which no longer  operate, there is an abundance of pins out  there for the real collector today.

In the early days of nursing pins, producers took huge pride  in the design of these pins, and in fact several were even made by jewelers instead of pin manufacturers.  Because of this, older pins are  by and large seen as very valuable and a  great plus for any collection.  However, starting collectors ordinarily  focus on more new pins as they are more readily available and  much more affordable.  Interestingly, numerous collectors of nursing pins have said that they started collecting them when they started trying to  get a replacement for a pin which they or a family member had  misplaced.

If you want to start collecting, shopping on the internet and  reading classified sites is a great way to get started.  It’s easy to find a big  variety of pins from numerous years, and because they are so simple to  buy it’s highly simple to compare prices and get a feel for the market.  You can  also try a basic internet serach, although if you just search for  nursing pins you’ll most likely get providers of new pins, not people  dealing collectible ones.  

The internet is also excellent if you want to purchase new nursing pins for your staff or graduates.You are best to go with a pin producing company which has knowledge in making custom nursing college pins, and can give you some of their previous work.  If you know someone who has had a great experience with ordering custom pins in the past, be sure to get their advice and, if viable, use the pin maker they used for their pins.