Christmas Ornaments – Unraveling The Truth Behind The Tradition

Christmas ornaments are undeniably a big part of our holidays ever since we could remember. These decorations are what give the small flourishing touches to our sights. But although nearly everyone of us had our fair share of usage of these decorations, a lot of us don’t have even the slightest idea as to where these ornaments came from.

The celebration of Christmas has been established by the Christians as a form of remembering of the birth of Jesus Christ, but this tradition opened doors for more practices to evolve.. And among these various new traditions is the usage of Christmas ornaments to adorn the also-known Christmas tree. But when you think about it, what do these ornaments really have to do with Christmas? Do their shapes and colors have any connection to Jesus’ birth?

It has been more than two centuries ago when the Christmas tree had been used as a traditional symbol for Christmas.. Back then, the main types of ornaments are in the form of fruits, most specifically apples and grapes. Because of their circular shape and their bright colors of green and red, a lot of people found these fruits suitable for decoration. Since then, red and green became the basic color schemes of Christmas and the spherical forms of common decorations begun.

Such custom them led to the creation of the Christmas ball or the Christmas bauble, which also sports the same colors and shape theme. They originated in Germany, as the Germans found this a form to innovate the long-time tradition of hanging fruits. But Christmas balls are not the only forms of Christmas ornaments that we got to know after that. After the Christmas balls, another icon in the form of the so-called ‘Santa Claus’ came into the picture. And since then, he was the inspiration of kids every holidays.

And as the years go by, the faces and forms of these Christmas ornaments changed. For one, they have been made through so many processes. Many more resources are used in making them, there are wood, glass, fibers, metal, ceramics and more. And who had not noticed how so many more selections have been created, as there are now mistletoes, snowflakes, Christmas bells, candy canes and stockings.

Perhaps it is true that not all the traditions that we do during Christmas have anything to do with the true celebration behind such season. However, if you think about the original reason behind these traditions, you can see how they are still very important in our lives. Christmas ornaments and their corresponding trees are what we use to symbolize the cheerful feelings that we have every single year, and these feelings are what Jesus really wish for us to have.

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