Childhood Anxiety Disorder – [What Every Parent Needs To Know|Is Your Child At Risk?|What You Need To Know|Should You Be Concerned?|How Can You Recognize It?

As much as we want childhood to be a time of joy and happiness for children, we know that life has its ups and downs and they’ll have to be able to manage the negative side of the emotional spectrum. No parent expects their child to go through life without having some negative experiences. It’s also true no parent wants their child to experience a childhood anxiety disorder.

As parents, we should help our children learn to handle difficult emotions gracefully and effectively without developing problems that might haunt them into adulthood. As the world becomes more tumultuous, it appears that everyone is becoming more anxious. It’s just a shame that our kids are being dragged into it.

Anxiety, of course, is distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune. Notice that it’s a state of mind caused by a possible bad outcome, not anything that has actually happened.
In some situations anxiety is a reasonable response. Any time we face a major challenge or change where there’s a chance that something might go wrong we might understandably be a little bit anxious as we face it.

At some point anxiety crosses over from being a normal, appropriate response to being a problem. At that point, anxiety has become an anxiety disorder.

A major indicator that normal anxiety has become an anxiety disorder is when the child has difficulty participating in normal activities, even activities that children generally find enjoyable. If a child is so anxious they can’t live normally, we need to do our best to help them.

The challenge for a parent is that because they’re so closely involved with the children you can be difficult to maintain an objective perspective. This is one reason why it can be helpful getting input from other people who have the child’s best interest at heart but aren’t intimately involved in raising them.

To begin, you might want to look at Childhood Anxiety Disorder to learn the major categories of anxiety problems. This is information I think every parent should be aware of.

There are also anxiety disorder symptoms it helps to know about.

Perhaps more importantly, if it’s possible that your child already has an anxiety disorder you definitely should look at this Anxiety Free Child Review. The Anxiety Free Child system has a remarkable track record of helping parents free their kids from excessive worry using inner skills they can develop that will serve them their whole life.