Be Your Child’s Best Teacher

Some children seem to come out of the womb with a primary education already in their blood. Others may find learning more difficult. Many factors determine your child’s ability to learn. Parents can always help get a jump start for their child’s learning. You have the role of being your child’s best and first teacher.

Begin Early

Being preoccupied with the worries of life is the typical adult state of mind. This constant chatter in our head blocks our thought process and makes us forget things. Children have open minds. They don’t have to worry about Work performance, maintaining the home or paying bills. Start their education now.

{Turn Learning into Fun, Make Learning Fun, Learning Can be fun}

A small baby doesn’t know the difference between a lyrical song and the alphabet song. So sing the ABC’s, count to ten and beyond whenever you play with the baby. Paint letters around your child’s room and use flash cards with them. Say out loud that this is an “A”, while Pointing to the “A”. Do this with letters and numbers, and then with whole words. Don’t be discouraged if your friends and family tease you. Neither you or your baby have anything to lose.

Other Topics to Think About

Although reading, writing, and arithmetic are important topics for any young learner to grasp, once your child beings to attend school, their days will be filled with this set curriculum. You should take this time to make sure they have a broad view on education. Even though they are years off from applying these procedures in the real world, teach them the rules of the road and how to handle money.

They should learn that credit cards can only buy what you can afford, and it holds a major responsibility. Explain that all bills should be paid in full and on time. Even though it may not seem like they understand, they will. These are important lessons. Once they start using money, they will have a better understanding of how to manage it.

Driving safety is also very important. Once your child is sixteen you will feel as if the are ready to drive with intelligence and maturity if you start teaching them young. Waving a person over once you have slowed down so they can merge is one topic worth considering. Inform your child that this is considered courteous when this happens. Let them know that being courteous is the best way to control your vehicle, and it’s not a weakness.

You will think of other lesson examples as they arise in your life. Everything from handling a baseball bat to baking grandma’s secret cake recipe will emerge. You will also have to talk about sex, drugs, and alcohol. The best way to approach this is to engage the child in conversation, rather than turning the moment into a formal lesson. Talking to you kids often will help ensure that they listen to you.

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