Barbie Dream House – Parents, Thinking About The Right Gift For Your Daughter?

Barbie Dream House

For many girls of all ages Barbie is their absolute favorite doll. Barbie has been delighting little and big girls for 50 years and as the world changes, so does Barbie. It’s hard to know where to start describing new Barbie house, since each part of this house dream girl is full of small personal touch.

It is designed for ages three and older, Barbie Townhouse is more than three meters high and is fully furnished – including lights and sounds at every level. Your child will enjoy having role-playing adventures with Barbie and her friends in this fancy new townhouse. Barbie’s Dream Townhouse is decorated throughout in classic Barbie pink, with lifelike intricate details, lights, and sounds. She even has a lift to take her up and down the levels for when she is feeling a little tired. This house moved her to a modern era.

Barbie lifestyle reflects the move from larger sprawling homes and additions of numerous rooms that are hard to take care of, to a smaller but more luxurious townhouse in the city. Besides the whirlpool, Barbie can entertain her friends by cooking something in the fully stocked kitchen, watching a movie on her pop-up flat-screen TV, or even just snuggling up by the warm, crackling fireplace. As the night starts to wind down Barbie can sit in front of the roaring fire with crackling sounds or take the elevator up to the third floor and turn on the tiki lights and relax in the outdoor whirlpool.

Most of the problems with Barbie Dream House come with the assembly. As a side note: While assembling it, be sure to follow the directions for the elevator carefully, since the parts look similar and could be confusing. But overall, the new house is fantastic. If you’re an enterprising soul and would love to see your daughters gleefully occupied for hours on end I’m sure they’ll love this Dreamhouse! And you can always find out what worked for other parents online.