Are Tradition Toys Surviving In Today’s Tech Heavy Toy Market?

The toys our children play with today are certainly much different than the toys we had as kids. The amount of technology now stuff into a modern toys is something we wouldn’t of even dreamed of and certainly has made dramatic change over the past 20 years. When you walk down the toy shop aisle in a store you will see a million different toy options wooden toys still hold their own. Of course we are seeing more children becoming more tech savvy as they grow up in a culture driven by technology will old wooden toys still have value?

You may think that this is given however toy manufactures are still designing toys based on older, classic designs and learning toys that can really take a beating.

Wooden toys makers are still in minority however the toys they make have a lasting quality that is still desirable to parents today. It is no surprise that wooden toys from 20 years ago are still intact today.

We still see wooden cars and trains do well in terms of competing with new high tech toys and especially for toddlers ages. At toddler age the technology aspect is of course lost so traditional toys has a good advantage here.

After all, for the most part, kids do not play any rougher with their toys today than they did one hundred years ago. The difference lies completely in the way the toys are manufactured and produced. You don’t see beautiful dolls houses being made like you use too.

In todays world of toys, technology is at the forefront producing toys with more creativity and interaction through technology. Still, many people can’t help but feel that yesterday’s toys might yet be better for today’s youth than all of the fancy gadgets and gadget toys currently on the market.