American Tinnitus Association: You Can Cure It Today!

There is an estimated number of fifty million Americans who are members of the American Tinnitus Association. The American Tinnitus Association, also known as the ATA in short, exists in order to create awareness of tinnitus in the country. Besides that, the ATA also funds research on the hearing disorder that has affected millions of American citizens.

Tinnitus is simply defined as humming in the ears without any external factors involved. Other forms of tinnitus include the sound of throbbing as well as pounding in the patient’s ear. Be it an oceanic sound or a loud harsh sound, the general perception of tinnitus is that it is unpleasant and downright uncomfortable.

For your information, the ATA was founded by a dedicated doctor. This doctor had a patient suffering from severe tinnitus, hence prompting the doctor to form an institute dedicate to solving this problem. The doctor and his patient hence formed ATA with hopes of curing tinnitus.

According to the ATA website, patients as well as relatives can gain access to pamphlets as well as other literature to help them better understand this disorder. At the time of this article, the ATA has already donated over five million dollars to the mission of curing tinnitus. While the disease is not life threatening, it is an issue because it is estimated that nearly everyone on this planet will suffer from tinnitus at some point in their lifetime.

The ATA also has a whole slew of charity programs for patients and caregivers alike. If you are insufficient in time for charity causes, perhaps you could participate in helping them fund more money for continued research. Besides research, the ATA also channels fund money to patients suffering from severe tinnitus.

The money is also used for a hot-line assistance as well as internet and snail mail correspondence to patients suffering from tinnitus. Besides that, there also exists support groups for like minded patients to gather and gain support from one another. It is also reported that the ATA has held their first walk for a cure in California, where the objective was to raise awareness as well as raise money for the cause.

There is actually an online store on the ATA website that allows the computer user to purchase ATA related products. The great thing about this is that all proceeds from the sale will be used to fund tinnitus research. Books, brochures, downloads, posters and back issues of Tinnitus Today are all products that can be found in the store.

Besides that, the ATA online web store is also selling hearing protection which is suitable for tinnitus-free people. For tinnitus patients, there are also CD’s and sound machines to help you get a good night’s rest. The ATA also sends out regular newsletters to keep the public up-to-date with the current tinnitus trend.

Finally, there are also a whole series of videos one can look at to gain insight on this problematic disorder. Having said all that, we would like to recommend that you try out Banish Tinnitus, the e-book that is focused on curing tinnitus. Before we end this article, we hope that we have given you enough reason to join the American Tinnitus Association, and help in finding the solution for tinnitus once and for all.