A Wild Safari Adventure In A Kids Playhouse

Have a “wild” time in a kids playhouse! Your child will be excited to see their playhouse transformed into a safari adventure, with the playhouse as the explorer’s base camp.  Your child’s outdoor play house is a perfect space for a safari adventure, from look-out posts to a lab center.  Try these following suggestions to creatively take your child on a safe and playful adventure:

First, locate rolls of paper in bright colors where children can tear off pieces to make life-sized images of safari animals. Second, go to your child’s story books or do research on the web to find pictures of lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras or hippo’s to draw.  After you’ve drawn the animals on the paper, have your child cut out the final products and hang them on the windows or walls of the playhouse.

Have added fun by drawing, coloring and cutting out the footprints of huge animals, like elephants or hippo’s, that are on the loose!! For a really authentic wild adventure, make sure the images are big.

If you really want to go “wild”, help your child choose animal print fabric for window treatments, chair coverings and a table cloth. The more animal print stuff, the better.

Supply your child and his or her friends with a safari based scavenger hunt. Gather some plastic or stuffed exotic animals and hide them in and around the playhouse. The kids will be thrilled to look for the animals while on the wild safari adventure.

In a small area of the playhouse, create a lab bench using a small table with a microscope. This will allow your child to analyze the items that they find during their safari expedition.

Your child can be quite the adventurer in their kids playhouse, yet still be safe from all the “wild animals” loose outside.