5 More Questions When Choosing A Naperville House Painter

How do you pick from among the many house painters when you have to have your home painted?  There are a number of questions you can ask that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff and help you pick the best Naperville painters.

1) At the end of each day, how do you clean up?  It might be days or even weeks before your project is finished unless your house is quite small.  Ensure that painters promise to clean up the work area at the end of each day – a clean and safe worksite should be important to you – and get it in writing when you finalize the contract.

2) Will you give a maintenance program, warranty or guarantee?  painters].  Not all painters will provide warranties or maintenance, but some do, so it’s worth checking on.  Besides attesting to the warranties on various paint products, many professional painters will also give warranties on their work.  Likewise, some companies will be willing to return for a certain period of time to fix any issues that occur after the job is finished.

3) Can you make some recommendations for certain products or colors?  A high quality painter or company should be up-to-date on all the latest products, colors, techniques and paint trends, and they can offer advice, warnings, tips and ideas.  Additionally, a professional painter can explain the pluses and minuses of the available paints and stains.

4) Do you have references you can provide?  Some references from previous jobs is something any painter you are considering should be able to provide.  Some of these references should be available for you to call so you can find out how things went for them.

You can ask each reference these questions to discover more about your prospective painters:

Would you hire the painter for another job?

What did you think about the price?

How did the paint hold up after the job was completed?

Did you think the painters acted in a professional manner?

Was the paint project completed on time?

Ensure the references have had a similarly sized project done.  If you are planning on having the entire inside and outside of your house painted, a reference who only had a small amount of trim work done most likely won’t be the best person to talk to.

5) What is your bid for the project?  Of course, this is an important question, but cost should not be your only, or even your number one, consideration.  The painter who give the lowest bid for the job probably will provide low quality as well.  When you request an estimate for your job, you may want to share your ballpark budget.  Also, ensure all of your candidates are providing estimates] based on the same specifications as this will make it much easier to compare estimates.  The estimates can be affected by the kind of paint, number of coats and the size of the project.  Finally, flat-rate bids are ideal, as opposed to a more flexible bid that can continue to increase as the job continues.

And, of course, you should ask about anything else you’re interested in.  After you ask these questions of all the prospects, you will be in good shape to select the best Naperville painters.