5 Common Myths About Home Alarm Systems

You may be contemplating having a home alarm system installed, but are hesitating because of the many questions you have and the myths you have heard. Let’s examine the 5 popular myths about home alarm systems which may be preventing you from making a wise investment in the protection of your home and family.

Myth #1: They are too expensive. Because of such a competitive industry, home alarm systems can be pretty affordable. Some home security companies will give you a free home alarm system in exchange for signing a 2-3 year contract and small installation fee. The monitoring fees per month can be less than a $1 per day for a basic security system. The small total cost of a home alarm system pales in comparison to the losses you could have without protection.

Myth #2: Too many false alarms occur. Many home alarm systems either have a delay feature which allows you to identify yourself to the monitoring station, or to stop the alarm yourself before the authorities are dispatched. Many major alarm companies also offer pet detection sensors which will ignore animals up to a certain weight. By being aware of how your home alarm system functions and taking the needed precautions, false alarms can easily be minimized or eliminated completely.

Myth #3: The time to install a system is too long.
Although the time it takes to install home alarm systems can depend on a variety of factors, it’s not a lengthy process. If you select a hardwired home alarm system, it only takes 3-5 hours to install. If you choose a wireless system, setup is easy and can take less than 30 minutes.

Myth #4: The system won’t work if I lose power
Most wired home alarm systems are equipped with battery or cellular backup should your power or phone connection fail. If you have a wireless security system, losing power won’t matter because a wireless system operates only on batteries. Most large monitoring centers will also have redundant back-up power for emergencies such as network failure or power loss.

Myth #5: I have insurance to cover my losses so I don’t need a home alarm system.
Yes, it’s true that you lost or stolen property can be replaced by the insurance company, but it can’t replace confidential information or give you confidence that it won’t happen again. By ignoring common myths about home alarm systems and installing a security system, you are taking a proactive approach by preventing intruders from breaking in and stealing your valuables and providing peace of mind to yourself and your family .