Youth Soccer Drills:3 Action Ideas To Heading

Youth soccer drills

Have you ever imagined how the use of the head can be an effective way of redirecting the ball when it is still in the air? Doing this skill in youth soccer drills is particularly safe when it is carried out with care and caution.

Before you begin with training the players in the skill of heading, deflate the ball a bit especially when they are doing it the first time. Let some air out of the ball so that it becomes soft and easy to handle. Including heading skill in the kids soccer drills requires you to first teach them the basics of this skill before starting with the practice.

When the ball is still in the air, the players should move along the ball for the reason that their body should directly in front of the ball when they face it. Players should learn to maintain a clear view of the ball all the way in until it thumps their forehead.

The kids must know the importance of keeping their eyes open and watch the ball coming to and going away from them. It they don’t know which way the ball is going or coming from, they risk getting hurt. In youth soccer practice, players should be taught to strike the ball with the top-front area of the forehead instead of the temples or crown of the head.

Youth Soccer Drills

Almost all youth soccer drills emphasize the movement involved in properly heading the ball. Two of the drills have been explained below for a better understand of yours.

Sitting and Knees: This youth soccer coaching drill involves just 2 players and a ball. One player needs to sit on the ground with the legs stretched out in the front. The second player should stand in front of the 1st one and throw the ball at a very low level towards him or her. The concept is that the ball will be thrown short so that the person towards whom it travels has to come forward to hit it.

This activity should go on with a player positioned with both knees on the ground. Now, the player will have to move forward to actually shoot the ball. Using this drill, the players learn to use their head to steer the ball.

Head out of Hands: You will need cones and a ball for each player in this drill. This drill requires the players to hold the ball with their hands and the throw it off by heading it. They should be taught to move their head to the ball and not move the ball to their head.

Use of cones can help in teaching them the skill of heading to a specific location. The players learn the techniques to head the ball in a direction using their head.

There you go; using youth soccer drills, the players will head the ball fearlessly thereby making them better competitors. Our youth soccer coaching community has tons of valuable information on youth soccer and you can take advantage of it by enrolling for it.

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