Why Not Buy A Rabbit And A Rabbit Hutch For The Children?

Rabbits make a wonderful pet for children. They are small enough to be held comfortably by a child, they are cheap to buy and they are cheap to feed, they aren’t noisy, they won’t bark at the neighbours and they don’t live as long as a cat or a dog so parents won’t be looking after the rabbit after the children have left home.

And a rabbit is an indoors pet or an outdoors pet, it’s up to you.

A rabbit is kept in a cage that is properly referred to as a rabbit hutch. A rabbit hutch has two main areas, an enclosed sleeping area where he can sleep warm and out of the weather and an outdoors run where he can do what rabbits do, namely run around.

The rabbit hutches that you find in pet shops are generally too small. They are too small for one rabbit let alone two. Rabbits are extremely active and need lots of exercise and for this reason most rabbits are unable to get sufficient quality exercise in a small hutch.

If you wish to keep his hutch outdoors you can exercise him using a dedicated rabbit run, which is an area of the garden fenced off to protect your rabbit from predators and which is accessible from the rabbit hutch.

However it’s perfectly possible to keep a rabbit as an indoors pet. You can keep him in a normal rabbit cage indoors, say in the laundry, and he will be safe from excessively hot or cold weather and perfectly happy there.

And of course whether his hutch is used in or outside you will still need to clean it regularly.

Just remember that it’s much better that the hutch does not have wire on the floor as rabbits do not like walking on wire and can damage their feet.

Just the same as for outdoors rabbits, indoors rabbits need plenty of exercise and time out of his hutch each day.

Why not have a room set aside in the house for rabbits daily exercise. Taking him out of the hutch, playing with him and exercising him is the best part of having a rabbit.

And it’s quite possible to house train a rabbit.

However before you allow your rabbit to play in his play area you need to do a thorough inspection because rabbits are very quick to disappear into holes, and can become stuck there. Do a full inspection of your rabbit play area for any dangerous holes.

Then why not cut up a few plastic pipes for him to play in and watching enjoy himself in his room.