Why Is It Important To Have An Idea Of How Much Heating Oil You Have In Your Tank

With oil theft becoming more of a problem it is a good idea to be keeping an eye on your heating oil tank. And it is not sufficient now to just check the outside of your tank for signs of tampering, you should also be checking how much oil is in the tank. If you know approximately how much oil you should have in your tank, then it will be easier to spot if someone has stolen any.


Another reason for knowing how much oil you have inside your tank is so that you do not find yourself without any oil. Many people actually do not realise that they have run out of oil until it is too late. And as this harsh winter has shown us, that is a mistake that is just not worth taking. The harsh winter weather this year saw many homes left without oil as plunging freezing temperatures made many roads unpassable. Oil companies could not get oil deliveries out to everyone and many homes were left without oil.


However you can order oil in plenty of time if you are aware of the levels in your tank. You can have peace of mind then that there is less chance that you are going to find yourself with no oil. It is much better to be prepared especially as ordering emergency deliveries of oil can be expensive.


There are a number of ways that you can check the oil in your tank. The easiest and cheapest way is to open the top of your tank and place a large stick or plank of wood right to the bottom of the tank and then measuring the level on the stick. There are also monitors which have alarms which you can buy. These monitors can help you to avoid going out to physically check the tank as they can be kept inside the house.


Some people spend a lot of money heating their homes in the winter. Fuel such as electricity and gas show no signs of coming down in price. Many individuals are now changing over to cheaper home heating oil though. After the changeover they have to make sure that the storage tanks are always full of the cheapest heating oil to ensure they never run out. Heating oil suppliersmake sure the nations oil tanks stay full. Heating oil suppliers are found countrywide and can, as an example, supply heating oil Whittlesey.