What Your Kitchen Decor Says About You

Did you know that the way you decorate your kitchen can reveal a lot about your inner character? It’s true. If you’ve ever wanted some insights into why you behave the way you do, or why you hold the values that you do, taking a quick look around your home is bound to reveal some hidden inner truths.

This is especially important if you’re dating someone new. The first time you enter a new potential partner’s home, you have the opportunity to learn a great deal about them, so don’t squander it. Taking a quick look around and being able to interpret what you find is key to ensuring a good relationship will develop.

No room in the house says more about a person than the kitchen. This is a room that is seeing nearly constant use, as people have to eat several times a day. The result is that one’s character naturally begins to show through. You can find out what the kitchen is saying about your date by taking a look at the appliances and general organization.

The nature of the appliances should tell you a lot. For instance, if the person has very specific appliances for basic tasks such as a food processor or an electric rice cooker, then you know that this person rarely orders in; they spend a lot of time in the kitchen and they likely enjoy their time there. These people tend to be patient.

The quality of the appliances can say a lot too. Someone who is in the kitchen a lot but has a rusted range may be a person who isn’t good at addressing the pressing problems in their life, choosing to ignore them instead. If they have a Cameron Cookware stainless steel stovetop smoker, however, then you know that they’re the kind of person who demands the best and knows how to enjoy it.

Next up, take a look around at the cabinetry and the like. Are the shelves plain or are they ornate, with decorative handles and a good paint job? How is the countertop? Does it look nice and well put together, or like it was cut from the slab with an Echo chainsaw? If it’s the former, then this is another sign that you’re dealing with a patient and organized individual.

Naturally, people are complex beings with a lot more going on inside than can be revealed by just a quick peek around their kitchens. However, details such as this do indeed reveal a lot about someone’s inner nature, so if you keep your eyes peeled, you can know what to expect!