Solving Childlessness With IUI Pregnancy

The prospect of having kids is something that couples will always be fond of.Kids are not mere fruits of a couple’s love for each other; these kids also benefit a lot out of this love.Aside from these signs, for most couples having a family is the next step in the relationship. However, some may have problems in having children.These can be a result of two major things: one is infertility and the other is that of sexual dysfunctions because of psychological issues.Of course, the first recourse is to ask for help from a medical practitioner.

Thanks to the advancement in modern science, there are now a couple of options for treatment for couples who have been having infertility concerns. Most of these actually fall under the category of artificial insemination.Among the many insemination methods, the one deemed as the most effective is called intrauterine insemination or IUI.Being a tested safe and sure way to treat infertility, IUI pregnancy has made a lot of couples happy with kids, the top option of those who can’t bear children.

IUI is recommended for couples who have waited for a year or more for kids.Before the female starts with the treatment, the couple must first subject themselves to examinations.This is done to make sure who among them has the infertility concern.In the tests that they go through, the male is tested if his sperm functions normally.This includes determining the sperm count, mobility, and also sperm morphology.Meantime, the female is also tested to make sure that she has a normal ovulation cycle, has no blocked fallopian tubes, and a normal uterine cavity as well.

The means to use in getting an IUI pregnancy is quick and easy to follow.What takes time are conducting the tests and complying to the requirements before the tests.Basically, it just involves injecting sperm into the uterus. With directly injecting the sperm, the chances of not being able to conceive with the use of the female egg is minimized.This method can be or can be not complemented by the use of infertility drugs.Taking in these drugs may also raise the chances of conception. However, the heightened fertility can also make multiple pregnancies possible.A couple is advised to first consult with a doctor about the safety of taking infertility drugs before the IUI process.