Learn Your Kids To Draw SpongeBob

SpongeBob is an all mighty animated production that has won the hearts of millions of people around the world throughout the entire decade since its release. Games, toys, printables and all sorts of additional products have been launched in time featuring various characters in the series for kids and adults alike. Children often ask their parents to draw SpongeBob, the weird quid, Patrick Star or some other figure in the cartoon, and all the family could enjoy and cherish such moments. But does the parent know how to draw SpongeBob? In case he/she doesn’t, there are plenty of tips and instructions available online.

You’ll definitely start with a little wedged rectangular, which you have to divide into several sections. Then, right on the central areas make the basic face features: mouth, eyes and nose. Try not to miss details, the belt loop, the freckles and the eyelashes are just as important and convincing as another elements. The great part is that one will find it really funny to draw SpongeBob because this is how the very story of the cartoon began. A former marine biologist, in love with underwater life, had the inspiration to draw a cartoon and give it life and energy to exist for countless of people.

Hence, when we have such a successful model, it should be easy to draw SpongeBob again and again for our children. Even if there is always the printable variant, drawing SpongeBob is definitely more rewarding. You can actually teach a child to draw SpongeBob and color it afterwards. It may sound like a trifle, but the importance of the skill seems to be apparent to lots of people if we were to judge by the number of tutorials available online. Why would someone want to teach you how to draw SpongeBob?

Well, most of the materials available online are totally free of charge. And I have a strong doubt that anyone would pay for such tutorials when instructions may not even be necessary in the first place. You can also use your creativity when trying to draw SpongeBob and maybe improve the original with some extra details. This will make your children improvise too, since there are so many aspects to change in fact. You’ll get a new, innovative character that you’ll be able to integrate in whatever context you want either make it for a larger creative picture, or stick to very practical coloring tasks: that is up to you!