How To Clean Red Wine From a Carpet

When red wine is  spilled  onto your carpet or clothes, white wine can be your true companion. White wine will neutralize red wine and will make it easier to lift the color off of your carpet or clothing. Simply pour white wine over the stained area and very gently blot the liquid up with a thick towel, be very careful not to rub as this will force the stain into the carpet or clothing fibers. Once you have the majority of the spill blotted up, take your favorite carpet shampoo or clothing stain remover, whichever the case may be, and clean as you would if the wine stain were a bit of dirt on the carpet or clothing.

If it has just happened mop up the excess wine with a towel and either pour white wine or if you can’t face more wastage, cover the stain in salt then vacuum it up when it absorbs all the wine. You may need to repeat this process. However if it’s the morning after and the stain has been there all night you may might need to take more stringent measures and use  hydrogen peroxide  solution, NB the stuff you get from the chemist not the stuff you pour down your toilet, mixed with dish washing detergent or carpet shampoo. Make sure that you mix the two together and then pour directly onto the stain. Make sure you let it soak for 10-15 minutes. The next step is to use a rag and a bowl of warm water, rinse out the stain with the solution and it will disappear. You can get on with your life and your carpet will live to be stained all over again next time you have people round.

If you decide to vacuum the area after the stain removal, then it is propably a good idea to wait until the area has dried. Doing it this way means that if the stain is still there, you wont be spreading it around or deeper into the carpet. Yes you are right in thinking that there are loads of branded stain removers that you can buy from the supermarket which will easyliy get out stains, but they are not usually any better than these tips from using house hold products. Before you decide to make a journey down to the local supermarket to buy that heavy duty stain remover you may want to think about giving one of these tips a try? It may lengthen the life span of your carpet and upholstery. 

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