Great Bunny Costumes For Adults

If you’re looking for a fun and sexy suit, why not go for a Playboy bunny suit. You’ll attract lots of attention. Over the years there have been some famed bunny rabbits found in literature, telly and cinema. Do you have a favorite rabbit? Mine is Peter Rabbit. Other loved rabbits are Bugs Bunny and Brer Rabbit. Rabbit have also been used in advertising to promote various products. Did you ever see the Duracell Bunny used to market the batteries?

There are so many different types of bunny suits to choose from. Let me give you some advice. Firstly, let’s take a look at the sexy bunny costumes. I’m certain all the men would pick this category over the others! Two costume ideas come to mind, the first being that femme fatale, Jessica Rabbit and, of course, the most notable sexy bunnies, the Playboy Bunnies. The character of Jessica Rabbit was based on Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake and is voiced by Kathleen Turner in the film. Do you like dresses slit up to the thigh? Then you’ll like Jessica rabbits tight long red dress. It’s set off by her high heeled shoes and long gloves. If you are not a natural redhead then a long wavy redhead wig will perfect this sensational look. The Playboy bunny girl costume is quite easy to copy. To appear like the original bunny girl, you could use a black bathing suit, or a merry widow corset, collar with a bow tie, cuffs, black mesh pantyhose, and a pair of black high heeled shoes.

Or would you choose a bunny costume that’s more fun? What about a traditional furry bunny? They’re usually all in one outfits that have big rabbit ears. Are you a lover of Friends, the television series? Do you remember Chandler as a big pink and white bunny at Monica’s and his Halloween party? The easiest thing is to buy an already made bunny costume as they look so cute and realistic, but if you are trying to save the bucks then you could make your own from scratch. If you’re determined to make your own, you could use a white sweat suit as a starting point. Then you only need to add a white pom pom to your rear for a tail and a pair of bunny ears. You’ll also need white gloves and shoes to complete the outfit.

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