Graduation Scrapbook: Ideas For High School Graduation Memories

Is your child graduating this year?  The time seems to go by so fast. It often seems like only yesterday that our graduates started kindergarten.  Now they are graduating high school and will be off to college by fall.  It’s important to preserve and document those special final moments of high school in a graduation scrapbook. Consider these graduation album tips and scrapbooking tips and techniques.

Even though you have a school scrapbooking album for your child, you’ll still want a high school graduation scrapbook album.  High school memories can fill an entire album.  You can choose a small album, but remember if you want to accommodate senior portraits, you’ll want a larger scrapbook.

The summer before your child senior year of high school, he will usually sit for senior portraits.  Those special pictures should have a page in a graduation album.

There are so many things you can include in a graduation scrapbook.  Save a copy of your child’s graduation announcement and showcase it on a page. Be sure to include cards and letters from friends and family, especially ones with graduation advice.  Write a letter to your child telling him your hopes and dreams for their future in any advice you wish you would have had when you graduated.

If your child is receiving a special award or honor at the graduation ceremony, be sure to design a page to highlight this accomplishment.  Once the graduation is over, either include the original certificate in the album or make a copy.

If your child is giving a speech at the graduation ceremony, take some photographs of the graduate preparing and practicing the speech.  Preserve his notes including any drafts and use them on a scrapbook page. You could also use part of the speech as a title for a layout, and don’t forget to include some graduation poems for scrapbooking.

Did your local newspaper cover the graduation ceremony?  Make copies of these articles for the scrapbook.  Newspaper fades quickly.  So you want to make photocopies.  If you placed in a congratulations announcement in the paper, include this as well.

There are so many photo opportunities during a graduation ceremony.  Make a list of photos you want to take before the ceremony.  Don’t forget to include pictures of your child with his family, friends and teachers.

Don’t forget high school mementos, such as, the program from the graduation ceremony.  Save at least two copies to use on a graduation scrapbook page so you can show both the cover and the inside of the program.

Candid shots are a fun way to document graduation parties.  Send a camera with your child when he attends graduation celebrations.  Plan to exchange photographs with your child’s friends as well.  That way you’ll have plenty of candid photos to choose from for your graduation album.

You should definitely include a copy of your child’s final report card or transcript.  A nice complement to the scrapbooking page would be a copy of the college acceptance letter he received from the college he plans to attend.

For the final page of the graduation scrapbook, create a special page layout highlighting a photograph of your child leaving for college.  You could even place a picture of your child on his first day of kindergarten next to a graduation photograph.

A graduation scrapbook will become a family heirloom.  You don’t need to make it complicated.  The most important part of a graduation scrapbook is to preserve and document your graduate’s special day.