Finding Those Perfect Birthday Presents

So another relative’s or friend’s birthday is just around the corner and you’re hoping to really “wow” them this time. Maybe you’ve struck out on birthday gift ideas in the past or maybe you’re just looking to one-up the rest of the folks at the party. Either way, these simple tips should help guide you towards better and more meaningful birthday presents.

1. It really is the thought that counts

I know, you’ve probably only heard this phrase in the past when one of your presents really bombed. The fact of the matter is, the correctly and carefully selected birthday present will always be a huge hit, especially more than a present that is only loosely related to something they like. Putting more thought into your selection of birthday presents will always pay dividends on the day of the party.

2. Pre-planning never hurts

Nowadays, even young kids get pretty suspicious and nosey as their birthdays approach. Trying to dig for gift ideas too close to the occasion can get you busted in a hurry. If there is a the birthday of a loved one, or someone you want to impress, start listening, and remember, the little hints they drop in months prior to their birthday. Ask their closest friends or family member, not the ones who can’t keep a secret though, they will usually be the most help.

3. Shopping around is ok

This one is more for you, but it’s important for the gift-giver to feel good about the birthday present, too. It’s natural to feel like price should be no object for the special people in your life. Ensure that you take the time to take a look around and get the birthday gift that is the best deal for others. If you buy an item that needs servicing in the future, make sure that reliability and ease of servicing is taken in to account (i.e., no purchases from “Bob’s Discount Tent”).

Putting more time and thoughtful consideration into your future birthday presents will be a big step forward. The rest should just fall in to place when you think about how much you care for the birthday boy or girl.

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