Cleaning Precious Glassware

We all like the finer things in life and when it comes to eating and drinking, the very best tableware often makes any dining experience very special. When it comes to glassware, many people are enamoured of the very best brands such as Orrefors, because nothing says luxury more clearly than a fine table set with the clearest, most high quality glassware and stemware.

It is all, though, to easy to make some major mistakes with glassware, especially when it comes to cleaning it. Some errors can even prove fatal, at least when it comes to the life of the items themselves.

When cleaning your glassware, the biggest mistake you can make is to throw them into the dishwasher and hope for the best. The dishwasher is the harshest of cleaning environments at the best of times, and when it comes to fine glassware, it is positively barbaric

To wash the items by hand fill up a large bowl with warm soapy water. Only wash one item at a time, this will reduce the chances of you damaging any of that lovely glassware.

Rinse the glassware in another plastic bowl, this one filled with warm water but also containing the peel from a lemon. This vital ingredient helps to make the washing process extra special. The peel works in a unique way to reduce the amount of grease that the glassware has on it

The drying bit is next, and this is where extra special care will need to be taken.

It is very easy to think you are doing right by grabbing a dishcloth and having a go at the glassware. You basically need the softest dish towel in the kitchen. Nothing else will do

To polish your crystal after the cleaning, break out the baking soda and use a combination of this along with some water. Make a thin paste by combining these two elements and rub the surface of the glassware with the paste and a thin cloth. Then rinse the glassware and dry it off in the same way you did when washing it.

Looking after your fine glassware can seem a little intimidating. However, if you just do it carefully and slowly, you should find it becomes an easy part of your household routine.