Caring For Your Crystal & Glassware – Some Useful Hints And Tips

Luxury glassware which is brought out on those special occasions can be valuable not to mention sometimes irreplaceable and more importantly breakable.  Luxury designers such as Kosta Boda create wonderful glass art that anyone would rightly cherish, and you can reduce the likelihood of harming your glassware by following a few useful tips.

Firstly, as obvious as it seems, you should ensure that you place your glass and crystal out of harms reach on a sturdy shelf or in a reliable cupboard.  Ensure also that they are stored the correct way up and are not too crowded.  Storing glasses upside down can put stress on the rim and may cause the glass stress.

Ensuring that the glass intended for your Irish coffee has been pre-warmed and the glass for your Vesper has been chilled, will reduce your chances of cracking the glass.  This way there are no disasters while serving your impressive cocktails

The sink is a dangerous place for glassware.  I am sure we have all had the unfortunate luck of dropping a glass in the sink; not only does it cause a mess and occasionally a cut finger but sometimes a heart wrenching realisation that it is irreplaceable. Put a tea towel at the bottom of your sink to absorb the shock of any glassware hitting the bottom.  It is also a good idea to remove your jewellery and keep the tap out of the way too

To minimise the need to scrub your glass, wash as soon as possible so that drink has not got a chance to stain the glass.  If this does happen, use a gentle detergent or very small amount of ammonia. If you have a stain or a mark on your glass lightly use a toothbrush- this is also useful for reaching into narrower glassware

Crystal glassware containing lead is soft for this very reason.  It therefore needs more care and attention than other glassware but in looking after it, it will look its best for many dinner parties to come.