Can You Trust Your Tutor

Are you wondering whether to have some home help for your child? A couple of extra hours of tuition each week? Maybe your child has slipped behind in some subjects and being a caring parent you decide to get that extra bit of assistance? Maybe other parents have informed you of the excellent results they have had with a particular experienced teacher who tutors their child?

We may no longer presume that because the individual is a tutor or has been a tutor that they can be completely trusted with your child. Just because nobody has spoken ill of the person can we automatically suppose everything is all right with them. These are all big clues however not sufficient in themselves to let us relax and assume that all is satisfactory.

Right now there is something further we all ought to do. Check them out on the web. Make sure you have implemented all the details to help protect your child. Child abuse offenders are frequently known to be particularly devious people. You must be equally vigilant. No more supposing every thing will be okay when it is your child’s life you are playing with. This encompasses emotional scaring which might be carried over into adult hood for some time to come. 

Find out old addresses. Precisely how long they resided there before transferring once again. Is there any form of pattern? Short stays and then moving on. One or two years in a area then yet another transfer, and still another move. Any previous employment information? Any possibility to phone them for references or explanations as to exactly why they left. Any conceivable factor why they really should not work with your child? Explain that you are thinking of leaving your child on it’s own with them for a few hours of home tutoring.

Finally, would they re-employ that person if the opportunity arose? Employers are normally reluctant to speak badly about any past employee to an unknown person like you, but, are happy to state that they would never re-employ. This is just a polite way of stating that there is some thing about them which is doubtful. Do not leave your child on it’s own with them.

The overall subject matter involving child safety is a good deal more in the public area of awareness than it was perhaps a few years ago. It may have been really quite offensive to doubt the integrity of a part time home tutor in your community. Somebody passing themselves off as a retired school instructor just moved into your community. Keen to do a few extra hours to help your child catch up with his education. Possibly supporting a few other children at your school.

Nevertheless today with such massive public scandals as the Catholic Church Priest outrage just about any prospective teacher would definitely have an understanding of your concerns. They must be only too willing to give past references and allay your quite understandable unease. Any unwillingness on their part must demonstrate to you that you have to exhibit extreme caution. Not exactly the attitude you want. Get them checked out first.


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