Can A Pregnant Woman Influence The Baby?

There is no doubt very many of the woman knows about the things that she should not be involved in when pregnant. For example, they renounce smoking cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or even shun from hard labour that could influence the baby badly. But what about the things you can do to make your baby a better baby; a smarter baby even? What if you could do certain things that would ensure your baby had a higher IQ than any of its peers being born at the same time in the same hospital, feet from where you’re pushing out your first born? . It’s not a myth when people say that anything the man and woman do or think or listens to can have impacts on the baby, perhaps even the music the woman listens to influences the baby positively.

I’m Pregnant!
You learn you’re pregnant and now you have to alter your way of life.. You now have two people to think about: you and the little infant growing inside of you.. Probably the moment you learn you expect, you need to begin thinking about ways that you can influence the growth of the baby in side regardless of any medical report if the baby is developed enough to be influenced or so. I do not think someone can advise you exactly when to begin a change of conscious living style but the ripe time is when you think you are expecting your baby.

A good number of people are of the view that the roles of both man and woman can greatly influence the baby. First thing is that the man ought to be playing a dominant role than the woman. Such a difference in the character let the baby get an idea of how the domestic relationship is built upon in the society.

There are also other sections of the people who say that the food type woman ingestes while pregnancy can also impact on the baby. They believe that by feeding them certain foods, they can increase the baby’s chances of being more intelligent, more artistic, or even more athletically inclined than any of his/her peers.. Eating Affluent food like pate de foie gras and cavier is learned to be lending the baby develop an affluent mindset when grown up and associating with his fellow mates.

Whereas some others believe, even the music that the woman plays and loves to listen when pregnant can influence the baby. Mozart is such a music that is trusted by many to increase the IQ level of the baby if the mother had listened to it when she was bearing the baby. This is also a proven fact there is a difference between those babies whose mothers listened to it and not.

And then there are those who swear by talking positively to the fetus so that it develops a strong and positive self esteem that also will carry into their adulthood.. Telling the baby it’s beautiful, it’s smart, it’s going to be successful, or anything else.. Some experts even claim that by doing arithmetic, time tables, reading poetry, singing or reading stories of sports stars can develop a baby who grows into a math genius, and artist, a musician, or a sports celebrity..

This is how you can mould your baby in the womb.. If you ask me whether  all the above is going to work, I am sorry I cannot promise you the results but people say it does and has made some difference. But it doesn’t hurt, does it? The most relavant thing is you’re bonding with the baby before it’s even born; and that’s the best way to influence your baby than any of the ones recommended before..

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