Ancestors and Fire Pits

Pondering one’s lineage while sitting beside a modern fire pit can be, one has to admit, enlightening. There is little else that excites and inspires as much as solving a long-standing mystery in your own family tree. {Whether it is finally hearing back from a forgotten relative who is will to share what he or she knows or a package in the mail from an archival center with revealing documents, it is extremely rewarding when your genealogical research finally pays off.} A fire pit can be a great way to get in touch with your connection to long ago ancestors. Relax in front of the fire once and a while and meditate on the history of your ancestors who did the same. 

Fire pits provide a startling reminder of both how much has changed during the last half century and just how much remained the same. As you may know, almost all your ancestors relied on fireplaces and fire pits for most of history. While today we obtain most of our warmth and comfort from the use of electricity that is created by coal energy or nuclear and hydro-electric power plants, we are still wired with this very basic relationship with natural fire. Traditional fireplaces began disappearing from family homes only a few decades ago. Perhaps this is why fire pits have suddenly started becoming so popular.

The modern age is unusual in that home fires are often just ornamental fire pits. Bond with your forefathers who also enjoyed life around a fire pit. We may no longer depend on natural fire to power and warm our homes, but something overcomes us as we stare into the flames of a fire. As a matter of fact, scientists have recently found out that it is really our nature to be connected to real fire, even though it doesn’t have a prominent role in our lifestyles. We can learn about our biological roots through our brain’s reaction to outdoor firepits.