A Few Of The Advantages That Martial Arts Has On Adolescents

To discuss some of the benefits martial arts has on teens is to find many different ways in which this is the case. Martial arts incorporates a range of different forms under this umbrella which stem from the ancient traditions of using agile movements of the body to defend against attacks.

So how exactly do teenagers benefit from martial arts? A key way is through the planning, preparation and self discipline it provides. It reinforces these skills, many of which teachers in the classroom try to encourage and promote and it means that these transferable skills can benefit the martial arts student in other subjects.

Both teenage boys and girls will find learning defense skills useful. These are groups of society that may be more susceptible to attack and it can ease worry for parents and students to know that they are in control and can look out for themselves. It is always important to call trained emergency professionals as well though and try and avoid threatening situations. If they can’t be avoided then having this resource at their fingertips is a definite positive.

Martial arts can lead to competitions and travel and allows young people to set goals and progress. In Karate for example there are many levels and colors of belt, through to black belt. It becomes exciting and empowering to aim high and be able to win at something and achieve which is very important for teenagers with their budding self esteem. Competitions can lead to opportunities all across the country and around the world. They can also be developed throughout an individual’s life so starting as a teenager gives a really good head start at becoming a first class martial arts competitor.

It also is a great form of exercise and can help to strengthen the body and focus the mind. In this day and age of video games, teenagers can really benefit from the one-to-one physical contact and the opportunity to interact socially with other martial arts students. It can help to develop social networks and cultivate new friendships; something which all teenagers would want.

The skills can boost teenagers’ confidence and help them to be included in a new skill. It can be a form of identity for some students and give them the goals and drive to go on to achieve while making friends along the way.

The health benefits are numerous as are the physical benefits. Many teenagers are concerned with their appearance. It can be a challenging time, physically and emotionally. Martial arts can develop core strength and in joints and muscles, increase stamina, focus the mind, help the breathing, support and enhance coordination and balance and give more energy and vitality.

Most teens can take up martial arts and it is open to all shapes, sizes and personalities so this is useful and beneficial for all. There are many different types of the sport to take up and so they can select one that is going to be best suited to their personality. Planning, preparation, stamina, logic and self defense are huge benefits that can be added to the teen’s resume and skills that they can carry forward while getting in great shape.

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