17 Ways On How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

How to speed up your metabolism, you ask? As you read through this, you’ll pick up 17 great techniques and, hopefully, learn to change your lifestyle for the best.

1. Eliminate stress. It won’t help you much if you’re completely tensed and anxious all the time. Anxiety does the exact opposite of what you want to happen – it slows your metabolism down.

2. Get a lot of sleep. Forcing yourself to run on empty can’t be good for your metabolism. Your body needs around 7 hours of sleep to perform bodily functions such as the production of hormones efficiently. You can read more on the importance of rest from the Truth About Abs.

3. Don’t omit breakfast. Leaving out the most important meal of the day is not how to speed up your metabolism. Starvation mode occurs when your body feels that it isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, so it conserves energy, or in this case holds on to the calories. Boost metabolism by grabbing a healthy breakfast before you start the day.

4. Eat frequent small meals. Smaller meals eaten throughout the day will help increase your metabolism and provide you with energy even during the sluggishly lazy afternoons.

5. Do not go on crash diets. Otherwise your body will do just that – crash AND burn. the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program is a pretty good resource to pick up healthy eating tips.

6. Sprinkle some spice in your meals. Peppers and other food packed with capsaicin infuse flavor and fat-burning properties even as you eat.

7. Chew on some nuts. Scientific studies show that having the occasional snack of nuts high in calories and good fat is a good technique on how to speed up your metabolism.

8. Work up a sweat. To burn more unwanted fat and rev up your metabolism, engage in regular exercise and other physical activities.

9. Eat more protein-rich foods. Compared to carbs and fat, protein takes longer to break down. Furthermore, they can contribute a lot to effective muscle development.

10. Intensify your exercise routine. Challenge yourself and rev up that metabolism by increasing your workout’s difficulty through time.

11. Include strength training in your workout. Just imagine how much more fat you can get rid of when you include muscle-building routines in your workout.

12. Take your vitamins and minerals. For your cells to function properly, you need to be absolutely nourished. Without a doubt, that’s just how to speed up your metabolism effectively. Vitamins and minerals can be introduced to your body by regularly taking fruits and veggies. Supplements are also available to make sure you aren’t vitamin deficient.

13. Drink lots of water. You need to be hydrated for your body to effectively burn fat and increase metabolism.

14. Drop it like it’s cold. Add a few cubes of ice in your drink. This will cause the body to create more heat. Consequently, you’re also increasing your metabolism and burning unwanted fat.

15. Sip a nice cup of hot coffee. It’s just part of our daily morning rituals. How to speed up your metabolism? Increase even short-term metabolism while you burn off the fat with a warm cup of Joe.

16. Make time for tea. Green and oolong tea, much like coffee, contain fat-burning substances that crank up your metabolism even hours after you’ve consumed them.

17. Chug it down with some milk. Drinking skim milk occasionally helps get rid of unwanted fat and maintain high metabolic levels, especially for women.

Getting familiar with these techniques is just how to speed up your metabolism and get six pack abs fast. Improve your way of life today.