Tips On Planning A Nursery For Your Child

One of the most pleasant tasks expectant parents face is planning and furnishing a nursery. There are so many options available in both furniture and decorating accessories that it is sometime difficult to make decisions. However, if you take the time to consider the possibilities before you make your first purchase, you will be more likely to be pleased with the results.

Some parents have vintage decorating items from either their childhood or that they used with another child. If you are one, take a look at what you have before you go shopping. Write down what the item is as well as the patterns and colors involved. For instance, you may already have a balloon wall hanging in bright primary colors. Compare this list to your master list of all the items you need.

You may want to select an overall theme to guide you, and you will have no problem in finding numerous possibilities. Most designers include virtually everything from a bedding collection to wall art in coordinated patterns. A few of the themes offered are fairies, butterflies, animals, and pirates. However, you should feel free to mix and match, perhaps by adding some solids to break the monotony.

The crib is usually the largest item purchased for a nursery. When you look at baby cribs, you may want to examine styles that will convert to youth beds. This lets you get the most use out of the crib, since baby will outgrow it quickly. Select a mattress that is the proper size and that leave no spaces baby might wedge himself into. If you plan to use a vintage bed for baby, make sure it conforms to all safety rules, such as the space between bars.

Any fabric placed in the nursery should be fire retardant. This may be an issue with inherited items. As a rule, if you are in doubt, leave the item out of the nursery. The same guide is true for baby’s sleepwear.

Window treatments that can be easily adjusted are good choices. There may be times when baby needs to sleep during the day, so being able to darken the room may help. On the other hand, you might want to let the sunshine in for play time or when bathing the baby. You may not need blackout drapes, but a shade or blinds that can be adjusted can be a handy feature. Make sure that any cords are well out of the reach of an infant or toddler.

Select a solid changing table that is not prone to rocking. It needs to have attached safety straps that you should use to lessen the risk of falls. However, the straps alone cannot totally eliminate all falls if baby is left unattended. Many babies first turn over in secret, so never assume your child is not yet at that stage. Since you want to keep changing supplies handy, you might want to hang the diaper stacker on a nearby wall.

Before you know it, your new arrival will be ready for a loft bed, a homework desk, and a video game system. Since time flies so quickly, make room in the nursery for visitors to rock baby to sleep or just sit and watch him or her sleep. You will be happy that you did.

When all is said and done, there is really just one thing that is necessary for the nursery. A safe environment for your baby is the only aspect of the room that is absolutely critical. Everything else is optional, so you should feel free to create a nursery the way you want.