Tips For Using Free Scrapbooking Page Templates

Do any online search and you’re likely to find many sites that offer free scrapbooking page templates, whether they’re available for download or just offered as templates that you can add to Microsoft Word or Publisher.  They are typically very easy to use and deal with if you know how.  And, there are some additional uses for downloadable scrapbook templates that you might not have thought of already.

For instance, many scrappers create their page borders or element borders by using complementary or coordinating papers and cutting or tearing them into the right sized pieces.You usually canfind free scrapbooking page templates in matching or coordinating styles and include one as a border for another.  Try cutting them into squares for picture frames, adding a line under your wording, or as a page border along one or two sides.  Because both pages are free you have very little investment in using them this way; if you started ripping or cutting the pages you’ve purchased from your scrapbook supply store you might go through those pages very quickly!Even though they are usually very inexpensive, you can still find them adding up after some time.

Interesting scrapbooking tips and techniques that many have for free scrapbooking page templates are something like the idea of a border taken to the next level, so to speak.  You can have two coordinating or complementary free scrapbooking page templates and cut them in half and then adhere the two halves of the different pages to each other so that your scrapbook page layout has a half-and-half look to it.Consider how your project will look if one half of the layout is small vertical stripes and the other is polka dots!You can use this with two solid colors, with one page layout that has a border and another that does not, and so on.

Remember when you are using free scrapbooking page templates that you can also use a stencil and cut out different shapes that will work with your page layout.Try using a heart or two for that layout of your sweetheart, or some bunnies for a spring page layout.  Most templates are very affordable and easy to work with, and when you cut these shapes out of decorated pages rather than plain paper they really stand out and make your projects look professional and fun.