The Bets Pet To Buy

Well the thing is there is no real answer to this question as it really does depend on what kind of situation you are in. Here are actually a number of options that you need to think of when getting a pet.




The reason why a dog is such a great pet to get is simply because of that connection that can exist with you and the creature, it is great for guarding the home when you are in bed or out. A dog is one of the best pets you can have for a family because they are very friendly if you train them to be and I would say get a bigger dog for a family because they are nicer.




This animal really did have to be second on the list didn’t it?. Although you cannot really depend on cat simply because they walk freely in and out of the house they are great for people in the country. This of course is because they can keep rodents away from the home and this becomes their source of food often. Cats are good for old people because it gets them motivated but I do not think they are great for families.




According to pet owners it would seem that the very next animal on the list is actually going to be the bird, strange I thought. Although personally I would never buy a bird because I feel the cages are far too small I can understand why people do it.


Other than this if you want something small to look after do not go for a hamster, mouse or rat but look for a rabbit. Although they are a bit bigger they are actually easier to look after.


You are going to have to pay out for things likeanimal radiology andanimal surgery if they need to have them along with thevet referrals so make sure you know this.