Take Care With An Oil Filled Radiator And You Can Save Money


If you are thinking about trying to reduce the amount you need to spend on oil to heat your home, then you might be considering using oil filled radiators. You may find that using these heaters actually provides you with some benefits rather than having to use your central heating system. One of the main benefits of these heaters is the fact that you can use them only in the room you want heated which makes them a cost effective choice of heating. However the use of oil filled radiators requires some level of safety precaution.


Oil filled radiators can be really advantageous so long as you follow certain safety precautions. But how do you make sure that you are taking all the correct safety precautions? There are a number of things that you can do that will ensure that you are taking the utmost care when using these heaters.


Your oil filled radiator should never be connected to the electricity supply via an extension lead. The reason for this is because extension cables can only cope with a certain amount of wattage and more often than not, these heaters will exceed this. Although many people do not know it, extension cables have a maximum wattage amount that they can cope with. Using one of these heaters with an extension cable could be a fire hazard if the extension cable were to overheat. Can you imagine how disastrous this could be if you had your radiator on at night?


If you plan on using a timer for your oil filled radiator, you should try to find a radiator which has one already integrated. Most of these heaters have a safety feature which means that if the heater gets too hot, it will automatically switch off and this could be affected if you use an external timer switch. You should not do anything which could affect this feature.


These precautions will ensure that you can use an oil filled radiator to save money without jeopardising your safety.


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