QA Baby Showers

Are you pregnant or know someone who is pregnant? If so then you probably already know that a baby shower is needed. But there is a lot to planning a baby shower. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially for individuals who have never had one before or never thrown one for a friend. You are in luck though. This article will help you learn what a baby shower is and some tips for making the event as special as possible for everyone involved. Baby showers can be a great gift for new parents or parents that are having another child. It is a great time to gather together with friends and family to celebrate a new birth.

What are baby showers?

Baby showers, in general, are parties where the expectant mother and father receive gifts from family and friends. The baby shower is a great way for everyone to gather together before the birth of the child and celebrate. Most showers have games and food for everyone to enjoy. But a baby shower is not just limited to couples having a baby. Sometimes people will throw a baby shower for parents that are adopting. It is a great way for parents to get the necessary items and some luxury items for the child to use.

I want to throw my best friend a baby shower. Is it better to do it before the birth or after?

Baby showers can be held before the child’s birth or even after. It really all depends on what your best friend wants. If the couple is to be new parents then they may need some of those items before the child’s arrival. If, however, the couple is adding to their family and already have had a baby previously, you may want to wait until after the child arrives. That way you can know exactly what the parents need. The best way to find out is to ask. If you want to do a surprise baby shower then you may need to ask other friends and family members before you make the decision. Chances are the couple or parent-to-be may have mentioned when she would like the baby shower.

I need to prepare food and drinks for the baby shower I am hosting. What are some great ideas?

Baby showers are opportunities to gather friends and family together to celebrate the birth of a baby. So you do not need to have elaborate food and drinks. Finger foods work the best. You can make little tea sandwiches for everyone to enjoy. If you want to make them decorative you can take a cookie cutter and cut the shape out of the middle of the sandwich. Cookies and sweet treats are always a great success as well. If you are not a great baker you can always visit a bakery and have them create baby shower themed cupcakes or cookies. If you really want to add a bit of class to the shower you can serve petit fours. These small little cakes are a great addition to the party.

Is it cheaper to buy or make invitations to baby showers?

Unless you work at a printing shop and can print your own invitations, it is always cheaper to make your own invitations. You can find some generic baby shower invitations at dollar stores but unfortunately they are just that…generic. Make your baby shower invitations special by adding something different. It may be a picture of the couple printed out on card stock. Then everyone gets a photo of the expectant couple while she is pregnant. It serves as a great reminder and memento. You can also cut out fun shapes from cardboard and handwrite the invitations to make them special.

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