Living With A Household Of Boys Or Girls

Living with a household of young girls can be crazy. Mom and dad have a heck of a crazy road ahead of them, especially if you have twins or more. There is so much to buy for little girls that it can literally drive a parent to the poor house. It all starts when you bring them home as babies and ends when you send them off to college. Sometimes, even longer.

Every parents first big purchase are baby cribs. Every child needs a crib to sleep in but every mom wants her baby girl to have a bed fitting for a princess. Cribs designed for girls with delicate scroll work and laced trimmed bedding are both sweet and adorable.

It can take a lot to fill a little girls closet, especially when she gets to the age where she wants to pick out her own clothing. A little girls floor can easily disappear, becoming a place for discarded girls shirts that just don’t look good on that day. As girls get older, this will just get worse.

Fact is, most teenage girls will own more girls t shirts than just about any department store. This is one reason many people seem to think that girls are a little more high maintenance than boys are. Boys tend to be more laid back in personality and are less self-conscious about the way they look where girls tend to be more of a perfectionist.

Maintaining a household full of boys has it’s own challenges as well. Boys still require a good amount of stuff, especially at younger ages, but it takes quite a bit less to make them happy as they get older, especially with clothes. Most boys don’t care much about what they wear or if it is even clean.

Of course, while girls can be messy with their clothes, with boys, you never know what you might find hidden under the stacks of stuff in their rooms. Boys can be quite a bit messier when it comes to their rooms and their personal habits. But boys seem to be easier to get along with through their growing years. Girls can get moody and often hold grudges for much longer than boys.

Bringing up boys and girls can be very different. Each one has their goods and bads, but all need love and support from their parents. While all the material items in the world can only make kids so happy, a parents love and support will be with them always.