Important Information About Frauds and Fraud Prevention

Babysitting and Au-Pair positions have emerged as a dangerous scam in recent years. These positions are offered overseas through various media. Good wages, air fare, and other enticements are offered.

These ads are usually accompanied by a request for a resume and a phone number you can dial. However, keep in mind that you should withhold your resume until you can schedule an appointment, to avoid sending this sensitive document to people you should’t. It can be used as a convenient vehicle for identity theft.

In an interview for a job of this kind, the interviewers are usually well dressed, talk in a cultured voice, and paint the picture of a carefree job, at top pay, with lots of time to investigate the countryside. The demographic they go for are attractive women who don’t have close ties with family.

They’ll also cite their search for a foreign babysitter to be due to their desire to have their children become fluent in a foreign language, namely yours. It may or may not be the case. These interviews give a good opportunity for the prospective employee to pose questions that encompass all aspects of the job in addition to answering personal questions. Scammers do not like this and, if they seem reluctant to answer, the job should be declined.

Many of these overseas jobs attract young women looking for travel and excitement. Sometimes these women are in virtual bondage to the family and kept in squalid conditions. It is not unheard of for an individual to be sold into white slavery.

Once the woman reaches the other country, she is alone with little money and few resources and at the mercy of the employer. As a result, you should research the company that is offering to hire you. and other such telephone look-up services can help you figure out the validity of the caller that you are communicating with, and to see if the job is legitimate.

Some scam artists will ask the potential Au-Pair for a cash transfer to cover air fare. This is often under the excuse that it would be a problem for the person to get into their country but they, the employer, can make arrangements with no problem. Of course, with money in hand, the scammer disappears.

In the event that you’ve determined that it’s a real job that you’re applying for, cover your bases by recruiting a friend to check up on you in the event that they don’t hear from you for awhile. Contact the country’s Embassy as soon as possible when traveling overseas before meeting with the employers so that they are aware of your presence in their country. It is crucial to be careful in the extreme especially when in another country.