How to Keep Your Address Book Uptodate. The Quick Way

Does it astound you that 1 in 5 people in America move every single calendar year? Do you realise the work you will need to take to keep in contact with all your friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances? To keep your address book up to date and current? Staying in touch very nearly turns into a full time job. Mailing them each a birthday celebration greeting card or seasonal greetings may perhaps grow to be pointless after a few years if the addresses are not right or kept up to date?

Inside five years, statistically, they could possibly all have brand new addresses. How remarkable is that. You can lose touch so easily. This now can make so much more sense why many people appear to disappear off the face of the earth and have turned out to be so difficult to keep in touch with. If one in five of us plan to move this year, and each and every year, it now can make a lot more sense why it could prove so challenging to keep in touch or why as the years roll by it might become so easy to lose contact with each other.

So just what exactly are we to do? My colleague keeps in contact with her list of friends and relatives by just reviewing their latest address on line every single year. Addresses, mobile numbers and even email addresses are kept right up to date. She says that she now finds it enjoyable to do, like being her own mini investigation company. That’s what I am going to do this year, keep my address book up to date by using the Net.

Even with the growing popularity of the Net as a means of communication with our friends and relations, very nearly 80% of us sent seasons greeting cards by using the US Postal Service. They delivered over 16 billion items in the course of the previous Xmas period. However no matter how wonderful the postal service is they can only deliver if the actual address is correct. How many will possibly not arrive because of being incorrectly addressed, or that simply the people no longer reside at that address, and were 1 of the 1 in 5 US residents who relocated last year?

The Web 2.0 sites are growing in popularity every single year. Nonetheless it may well be many years before they replace the personal touch supplied by the Birthday celebration and Greetings Card that is hand delivered by the US Postal Service. However, they will only be as good as the exactness of your address book. So please do not throw away your money paying for items that cannot be delivered because your friend or relative has relocated. Keep up to date addresses, phone numbers and emails by using the Internet. That is what I’m doing.

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