How To Get Your Kids Outdoors With A Kids Playhouse

Whether hiding in a kids playhouse or digging in the dirt that may surround one, just being outside of their regular house is a major deal for little ones. Families that provide their children with a place to interact with the great outdoors, such as a playhouse, have a wonderful opportunity to introduce their children to many fascinating aspects of nature. To encourage your child to have more interaction with the flora and fauna that liven up our world, here are three valuable tips to make this happen:

1. Plant a tree with your child! Your child may want to create a landscape for the area surrounding their kids playhouse. A great way to go about this is to design a simple landscape plan, choose the plants, and then plant trees, flowers, seed or bulbs. A child can learn the value of nature in regards to the food chain while doing this activity. As your child plays, your little one can take a moment to tend to their baby trees and seedlings. This is a great chance for your child to learn, in a comfortable and safe environment, about nature and the outdoors.

2. Always be sure to “bug” them! The world of insects is very fascinating and there are many kid-friendly science kits, tools and equipment that are available to make learning about insects fun and captivating. You may want to invite some six legged "friends" into the kids playhouse where your child can elect to do thier own research. Include an area to keep books on insects and a place to display your budding scientist’s insect collection. Even if the insects are dead, it will work! Insects serve our world in a number of ways including their pollination activities. Children may be surprised to learn that some of the foods that they eat are made better because of bugs!

3. Catch the breeze…and the rain! With a few minor add ons, your kids playhouse can become a weather station. Some useful tools for helping children to understand and track the weather include a video camera for actually being able to see the differences in the way rain and wind moves, a weather vane to monitor the direction of the wind, a rain gauge which can also be used to catch water for watering plants, and a weather journal so that they can chart or describe what they see.

Your child’s wooden kids playhouse is more than just a toy hut or place for frolicking. An amazing nature center can be created to teach your kid about the stunning outdoors, marvelous animals, insects and weather. Your child’s playhouse could influence your child into becoming a budding scientist thereby potentially changing our world for the better!