Holiday Activities For Children Of All Ages

Jelly beans a favourite sweet that makes the perfect gift and game tool!


Need ideas to keep the kids occupied? Run out of ideas? During the school holidays and particularly towards the end of school holidays children become bored, provide some fun and unique ideas that will entertain all ages.

Cakes are yummy at any time but make them extra special with lovely gourmet mini jelly beans full of tasty fruity flavours that will turn a cake into a masterpiece.
step 1. Mix together icing sugar and butter until the mixture is smooth by using a butter icing you will give plenty of time for the the kids to move their jelly beans around until they are happy with their designs.
step 2. Arrange your jelly beans into colours to produce fun patterns, crazy jelly bean faces or some other unique image or words.
step 3. Take a photo of the kids creations and post it on facebook and share the enjoyment!

Where’s the bean game is fun for the little ones. Just before the end of the school holidays the family gets a bit restless. This is a favourite game which is incredibly satisfying. It is very important that you know how many jelly beans you are hiding so make sure that you count them. The jelly beans can then be placed on top of picture frames, the TV, on their pillows, door handles, window sills, even radiators! (if hiding on radiators make sure they are switched off).What ever you do make sure you tell them the winner is the one who has the most jelly beans so if they eat them they may not win! If they do not tally then either there are more beans to find, so the game has not finished or someone’s ‘bean’ eating them!

Jelly bean Necklaces. A fantastic little twist on the candy necklace. Jelly bean necklaces are a flavour filled treat for all kids. Why not invite your daughters friends round after school for this tasty craft activity.

You will need:

  • 30 jelly beans per child
  • metal tapestry needles.
  • Thread
  • jewellery clasps
  • scissors.

step 1 – choose your jelly beans and help the kids to create a hole through the jelly beans
step 2 – String the jelly beans onto the thread using the needle.
step 3 – At each end of the thread tie on a jewellery clasps be sure the knot is large enough so it doesn’t come loose.
step 4 – Your done! Now close the clasp around your neck and proudly show off your creation. snack at will!

Jelly bean’s add up this is a fun way to learn and teach mathematics. Kids find it easier to learn when it is done in a fun way addition, subtraction and probability for example. Using objects that children can touch, see and move are a brilliant way to teach these skills. The players think they are just playing a game but really they are learning too. It is wonderful to have fun and learn at the same time!!!

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