Getting Bird Flu Can Be A Chicken Raiser’s Problem

Since its outbreak, every poultry owner had become aware of the consequences that can happen if this deadly disease is not prevented. Bird flu or what exactly is furthermore known avian (meaning bird) influenza (flu), is the number one killer of poultry chickens in Asia and many parts of the world.

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Bird flu started in China and became a widespread disease for their chickens thus wiping out over millions of poultry businesses and dropping the chicken industry to a devastating point. The thing about avian flu is that, not only can it affect birds but furthermore humans which makes the illness more dangerous to many different lives. It can be passed from chicken to chicken, chicken to particular person, particular person to person, individual to chicken, and so on. That is the reason authorities in the health sectors are using this serious matter in their hands and are making strict surveillance.


Avian influenza is not only a disease underlying a typical cold. Its more than that. In fact, it can kill an entire poultry habitation within a week. If passed onto a particular person, it can be extra lethal as a individual can interact with hundreds of individuals in a day without even noticing that they have become the perfect carrier of the disease. Worse, this sickness is not a picky disease. It could affect everybody including children.


The incubation period, if passed to a human, is not exact but as record shows, it may take about three to five days from the exposure to the disease-causing virus. Till then, the person will experience signs and symptoms that are similar with the typical cold like fever, cough, sore throat, and aching of the muscles. At times, the only thing that could indicate if the particular person has bird flu is if they are possessing conjunctivitis.


If the particular person who was affected and has experienced the signs and symptoms stated above ignored the indications, it may lead to severity of the disease. The person now will start to experience viral pneumonia and eventually, acute respiratory distress which is more widespread cause of deaths among bird-related diseases.


But this pandemic crisis can be pretty very much prevented if certain precautions are practiced if everyone who is taking part will cooperate with the measures that were given out by the authorities.


Through thorough surveillance, WHO (World Health Organization) supports in doing away with the disease. Through this, they can trace the source of infection and track down those who were affected by the flu. They will confirm instances of the disease and just how many deaths were known. One time WHO officials find out the extent of the disease’s proximity, they will consists of the area under quarantine.


Those who are in the zone will not be allowed to go beyond it and those who wanted to enter will be prohibited. That is the key reason why the concerned officials should be responsible enough to bring in reliable data otherwise there could be miscalculations which will result to much more chickens and people being affected as a substitute of being saved.


With the word spread out all across the globe, the government is also possessing strict participation for the observance if there are any occurrences of the virus in their community. Residents are the one who have got to be additional watchful due to the fact they will be the one extra affected.


Their communication and participation is more significant tool to evacuate the presence of this disease and make raising chickens safer to both chickens and owners.


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