Finding Shower Games Befitting Your Guests

It seems that when you’re throwing a baby shower, it’s often expected that games will be played that make guests regress to their childhood, perhaps somehow in honor of the new life that’s about to come into the world. For adult women, some of the traditional shower games might feel a little demeaning, yet this may also be a chance to be light-hearted and not take the world too seriously. The life of the mother-to-be is, after all, about to become very busy and rather frantic, so a spell of silliness might be just what is needed to give her an evening of relaxation.

Blindfolds seem to be a part of a great many shower games. Fulfilling tasks while blindfolded will provide a lot of hilarity for the watchers, and often some very funny results. One favorite is for someone to wear a blindfold and take a diaper off a doll and putting a new one on. This is often done in teams, with each member of the team having to do the same diapering job. An extra element of humor might be added by someone taking pictures of the end result for each guest who tries the task. And of course there are a plethora of little baby shower party gifts as prizes for the winners.

For those guests whose dignity just won’t endure being fed applesauce while blindfolded, other games may come to the rescue. Some people prefer a more thinking or trivia-related style of game instead. You might give everyone a list of items and see how many of those items each person has in her purse. You could add some odd ones, too, so it would be remarkable when someone actually had some of them. You could play memory games, or have everyone add as many song titles as they can remember with the word “baby” in them to a list. You can create a lot of unique baby shower games in which people can use their minds if they’d rather not lose their dignity or get messy.

When planning baby shower activities, you really can’t leave out the games unless you’re creating a high tea or other dignified sort of event, as shower games are an integral part of the party. You can choose some that are incredibly silly, or perhaps go in a more intellectual direction. Or you might even have a mix of the two, so there will be something for everyone. The main goal is for quests to have a good time, and perhaps not take themselves too seriously.

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